Work on Paper


3 Dimensional Work



I was born in a port city. In Valparaíso-Chile.
A port with multidimensional spaces and fascinating stories.
With infinite scales and abysses that fall to the patio of the neighbor.
The painting
Beginning of the visual adventure.
Line, shape and color. Tools with which the image will be built and with it,
raising the work.
Image anchoring slowly in the visual structure of the painting, step by
step, layer by layer. So that in this way, a proposal could be taken into
account; the idea, the image, the utopia creating a corpus, a visual weight.
Bringing color closer to tactile, to adequately contain the narrative
discourse of the message.
To support the geometric-figurative language proposed by the painter.
Painter of images, abstract fragments, and figurative spaces.
Painter of polygons, squares, truncated triangles, prisms and rectangles.
Forgetting support at times, to get fascinated by the strength of the
powerful and illusory image.
Thematic of the ship-plain-ghost. Symbol of fantastic stories.
Of cities hidden in the seabed scattered around the world. Of ships and
marine constructions anchored in the desert concrete.
Below and above the sea.
Dividing line between two blue worlds cutting sea and sky.
Colorful multifaceted and infinite levels.
Go through the place, register, incorporate and analyze it, to rescue
its signs, and finally create your own visual discourse.
Valparaíso, Santorini, Venice, Chiloé, Oslo and Mar Menor.
Between the Pacific and the Mediterranean.
At times chaotic and violent, at times enigmatic and metaphysical.
I see what I look at. I observe what I see. I analyze what I observe.
Then I paint.
Practice makes a good painter, there is no doubt
…… and the word?
well ……. it does a little more!
Juan Brito Vargas





x, x, Spain



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